What is the difference between Neighborhood Associations (NAs) and Homeowners’» Associations (HOAs)?

  • January 8, 2015

Neighborhood Associations (NAs) are voluntary organizations in which neighbors organize to address issues particular to their area (such as unsafe intersections, problem neighbors, park beautification), and for social functions (picnics, compiling lists of neighborhood babysitters and lawn-mowers). NAs often work with city personnel (planners, police, parks dept. etc.) to address these issues. Membership is voluntary, and fees are minimal or nonexistent. NAs have no ability to legally enforce restrictions or assess membership fees.

HOAs are usually created by the developer as a means of paying for the maintenance of common facilities and assuring enforcing deed restrictions to maintain a certain community appearance. Membership and fees are required with the purchase of property in the community. When all the homes in the community have been built, the developer’s role in the HOA is usually taken over by a property management organization.