Round Rock ranked among best, most affordable cities in U.S.

2016Affordable_CitiesBadgeFor the second year in a row, Round Rock ranks among the best, most affordable cities in America.

The rankings by put Round Rock at No. 4 on the 2016 Best Most Affordable Places to Live list. The analysis looks at cost of living, income and “high livability.”

“Let’s get one thing clear from the outset: These are not the least expensive places to live in America,” according to the study’s authors. “There are places where you can buy a home for pocket change, and whole towns that cost less than a home in Palo Alto, Calif. But if you ask the question ‘Would you want to live there?’, the answer is likely ‘No.’ Instead, this is a list of affordable cities you’d actually want to live in.”

Here are portions of the article about Round Rock:

“Imagine living near legendary music venues, innovative restaurants, pristine parks and excellent athletic facilities along with great schools and shopping centers. How does this dream get better? Now imagine having the money to actually enjoy all those amenities. That’s the reality for most residents of Round Rock, Texas, an Austin suburb where the median household income of $71,000 goes a very long way.

“Round Rock landed at the top of our 2015 Best Affordable Places to Live list but fell three places this year, mainly because residents do spend slightly more than those in other cities on housing costs. The city’s income equality, consumer spending, average home prices and household income levels are still hard to beat for the quality of life Round Rock provides.”

The article also referenced our “quaint downtown” that includes shops like Sweet Love & Sugar Britches that “provide alternatives to big-box stores and deliver a bit of quirk to Round Rock.”

And the City’s major employers also rated a mention:

“With more than 13,000 employees, the computer company Dell anchors Round Rock’s economy, while companies like Sears Teleserv, Emerson Process Management and a variety of retail, health-care and manufacturing facilities broaden the business scene. Community leaders strive to keep taxes low while providing excellent quality-of-life amenities for residents. Unemployment in Round Rock and the Austin area hovers below four percent, a sign of a thriving business climate.”





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