time management

Adulting 101 for Teens – Time Management (ages 12-18)

Welcome to Adulting 101 for Teens, a series of programs to help teens develop life skills to transition to adulthood. We will have presenters on topics in the Winter/Spring series from January-April.

In February Lisa Pierce-Jones, Organizational Development Trainer with The City Of Round Rock will present this interactive session on time management.

Over scheduled teens have a lot to juggle – extracurricular activities, class assignments, social lives, and upcoming tests.  Join us to learn how to transform your HECTIC lifestyle into a productive one for success in school and beyond.  We’ll share practical advice to help you:

  • Determine which things you do are important and which can be dropped
  • Use your time in the most effective ways possible
  • Control distractions that waste time
  • Give yourself quality time to relax and enjoy life

For more information please contact Jane Dance, 512.218.7012.