Downloadable GIS Files

The following downloadable datasets are in Esri’s shapefile format. Each dataset has at least 3 associated files, ending in .shp, .shx, and .dbf, which have been compressed into a .zip file. For more information about shapefiles, refer to the Esri documentation regarding shapefiles. Note: You must unzip the file using a decompression utility like WinZip.

The datasets available here were produced by the City of Round Rock, or its agents, and utilize the State Plane – Texas Central – NAD83 – US Survey Feet 102739 (2277) Coordinate System.

These datasets are current as of August 8, 2019.

Point. Address points for structures and land in the Round Rock City Limits and ETJ. Download

Polygon. Building footprints, derived from 2012 aerial imagery. Download

City Facilities
Point. Location of city buildings and other facilities. Download

City Limit
Polygon. Corporate limit of the City of Round Rock. Download

Line. 2′ interval topographic contours derived from 2012 LIDAR data. Download (Large file: 411Mb)

Drainage Basins
Polygon. Download

Polygon. Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of the City. Download

Line & Polygon. Contains 2 shapefiles; streams & reservoirs. Includes major and minor streams and reservoirs in the Round Rock area. Download

Impervious Surfaces
Polygon. Streets curb-to-curb, sidewalks, paved and compacted gravel parking lots etc. Derived from 2012 aerial imagery. Download (30 Mb)

Land Use Layer
Polygon. Depicts current land use in the City Limits. Download

Polygon. Contains parcels within the City of Round Rock and adjacent areas. Attributes include the legal description, as well as the short tax ID number (Rcode) from the Williamson County Appraisal District ( R9999 in the Rcode field indicates we did not have the tax ID as of the creation of the zip file. To find out ownership, go to the WCAD web and use the Rcode in their search tool. To obtain address information, you will also need to download the Address Points file, as there are often multiple addresses per lot. Download

Line. Download

Line. Contains streets, roads and highways in the Round Rock Area. Includes address ranges. Download

Subdivisions and MUDs
Polygon. Round Rock area Subdivisions and Municipal Utility Districts. Download

Zoning Districts
Polygon. Attributes include base zoning, overlays and date of adoption if available. Download