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Thank you for considering Round Rock as the home for your business. The City has certain requirements to ensure that public health, safety and welfare are protected. We look forward to assisting you in meeting these requirements, as applicable, and answering any questions you may have.

Below is a list of the general items you need to be aware of when selecting a location for your business. If you have further concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning and Development Services Department at 512-218-5428.

Business Licenses

The City does not require a general business license, however by state law, all businesses must file a DBA (Doing Business As) with the County Clerk. Depending on the nature of the business, other State and/or County licenses may be necessary.

If your business does door-to-door sales, the City does require a solicitor permit for each employee who will be in direct contact with the residents.  Solicitor permits are obtained through the Police Department.

The City of Round Rock currently does not require owners of short term rentals to register for a permit. HOT and Venue taxes can be calculated and remitted directly to the City.

The City requires a permit for alcohol sales which is obtained from the City Clerk and requires a fee, and building contractors must register with Building Inspection. There is no fee for contractor registration.

Williamson County Clerk 512-943-1515
Round Rock City Clerk 512-218-5404 (alcohol sales)
Building Inspection 512-218-5550 (contractor registration)
Round Rock Police Department 512-218-550 (solicitor permits)

Choosing a Location

In order to minimize conflicts with neighboring properties, especially homes, not all businesses are permitted in all areas of the city. The locations where different types of businesses are permitted are described in the Zoning Ordinance and on the Zoning Map. There are also special location restrictions for some business activities, such as for alcohol sales.

The condition of the specific property is also important – for example, a storefront that has enough parking for a retailer may not have enough parking for a restaurant. For these reasons it is advisable to consult the Planning and Development Services Department before leasing or purchasing a property for your business.

Planning and Development Services, 512-218-5428
Zoning Ordinance (Municode)
Round Rock 2030 Comprehensive Plan

Building and Site Modifications

If you plan to modify the building and/or site of your business, you may need a permit. For some businesses specific improvements may be required, such as fire sprinklers, electrical or ventilation upgrades, disability access, or additional parking. Contact Building Inspection and/or Development Services with a description of the proposed work to see what permits and building or site improvements may be required.

Historic properties are also required to have any changes to the exterior, including paint color, approved before obtaining a building permit. Contact the Historic Preservation Office for more information.

Building Inspection (building permits) 512-218-5550
Development Services (site permits) 512-218-6658
Historic Preservation Office (historic properties) 512-218-5428

Temporary/Mobile Structures

Businesses in Round Rock must be conducted from a permanent structure, unless associated with a permitted Special Event. Temporary stands are not permitted.

Stationary food trucks are permitted only on sites that have a permit to host Mobile Food Establishments (MFEs). Otherwise, food trucks and other mobile vendors are permitted as long as they keep moving when they are not actively serving customers. Contact Code Enforcement for more information. 

Code Enforcement 512-218-5429

Home Occupations (home-based businesses)

While some businesses can blend easily into a residential setting, others generate increased traffic, noise and other nuisances that affect neighbors’ enjoyment of their homes. The City’s requirements for home occupations are given in the information brochure below; contact Code Enforcement for specific information or concerns. Some homeowners associations (HOAs) do not permit home occupations at all; contact your association directly.

Code Enforcement 512-218-5429


Round Rock Chamber of Commerce 512-255-5805

Small Business Development Center, Texas State University 512-610-0996
The SBDC offers free or low-cost classes and individual consultation for establishing, marketing and expanding your small business.

State of Texas

Occupational Licenses and Permits

City of Round Rock

Development process flow chart (outlines the sequence of processes necessary to develop property)
Smoking ordinance (Section 14-244)
Food establishments (Chapter 18)
Alcoholic beverages (Chapter 4)
Sexually oriented businesses (Sections 6-54 through 6-94)
Shooting and archery ranges (Section 6-95 through 6-101)

Williamson County Clerk

Records Division (DBA) 512-943-1515
Williamson County & Cities Health District 512-943-3600
Food handling inspection and training (restaurants, food service, day care)
New restaurant permitting

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC)
TABC licensing information
TABC District 4 512-451-0231

US Small Business Administration

American with Disabilities Act Guide for Small Businesses

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