Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The City of Round Rock Geographic Information System (GIS) allows city departments to create, store, display, and analyze a substantial amount of data (parcels, zoning, streets, utilities, etc.) for critical decision making. The GIS is a tool to leverage all of this data, and it is available to you through our interactive mapping websites, data warehouse, and downloadable PDF maps.

CityviewCompPicRound Rock City View is an interactive mapping application that provides access to the City’s GIS data. View and interact with map features on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.



Downloadable GIS Data Warehouse
(ArcGIS Shapefiles)


DLmapLibraryDownloadable PDF Map Library Commonly requested maps available in PDF format for download.  (City Limits, ETJ & MUDs, plus Zoning, Land Use, and Neighborhoods)



Helpful GIS Links

Though care has been taken to produce these maps and interactive map viewers, the City of Round Rock makes no claim as to the accuracy or completeness of these maps or the data contained within. Parcel data is for informational purposes and does not constitute a legal land boundary survey. Locations of underground utilities are approximate and not intended for construction. Flood hazard information is derived from 2008 FEMA data, and the City of Round Rock has no control over the content. Direct questions to the City of Round Rock GIS Manager, Nathan Smith.