Poetic license–or learner’s permit?

Advance apologies go out to William Shakespeare (whose birthday it is this week) and all other real poets.  In celebration of National Poetry Month, I borrowed some poetic forms to convey a few thoughts.

 Haiku:  April Weather   

Verdant but brown-edged
Summer larks behind Spring’s mask              
We’re not fooled–or pleased

Shakespearean Sonnet
:  A Cautionary Note about Playaways

Yon Playaway in orange plastic shell
Creates within me resolutions true.
With earphones it comports itself so well
That often I’m compelled it to renew.
The fault lies not within this small device,
But rather with the chores that I envision.
Completing tasks while listening is so nice
The possibilities defy decision.
I think: Three miles of walking!  Shirts I’ll press!
The rug I’ll vacuum!  Weed and trim the border!
And soon my to-do list runs to excess
When chapters do unfold in such sweet order.

Devotion to these audios won’t flag,
Though time behind ambition tends to lag.

  Why Reference Librarians Love Their Jobs

In seeking the answers to questions
Which patrons might label as “dumb”,
We gain new impressions
And diverting digressions.
Thus, to boredom we’ll never succumb!

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