What this world needs

…is another version of “The Night Before Christmas”.  What if Santa paid a visit to downtown Round Rock the week before his annual delivery?

The Night Before Christmas at Round Rock Public Library

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the shelves
Resounds pitter-patter of holiday elves,
It has to be elves, right?  The library’s closed.
With no one in evidence, this question’s posed:

Who’s scuttling around, making noises of diligence?
Tiny associates of that red-suited imminence?
Who else would be busily shifting, arranging,
Accounting for things from our patrons’ exchanging?

Well, the answer’s apparent, for those who aren’t daft.
It couldn’t be otherwise:   library staff!
The drop box, you know, functions all ‘round the clock,
Someone must come in and duly take stock,

To find workers here after hours won’t be scary.
What if it’s Carolyn, Candy, or Mary?
Elaine, David, Chip, and Regina endeavor
To update and leave no loose ends whatsoever.
Before our doors open, Eric, Susan and Joe
Make order of chaos, but–hold on, now–Whoa!

Good grief!  I was wrong and at fault–a contrarian,
Or so I am told by the reference librarians.
They assure me that your first impression was right,
It is elves we’re hearing; they missed Santa’s flight.

One morning last week, before opening hour
As Erikka filled the upstairs display tower,
An iconic image her focus did snag–
An jolly old man with a SHOP THE ROCK bag.

“It’s OK,” Chris told her.  “He did ask us first.                   
It’s perfectly fine; we’re not being coerced.
Yes, we’re not open yet, but this guy’s on a mission:
You might say, a global one-night expedition.

“And he needed to check without further delay
On a shipment of iPads gone sadly astray.
He misplaced his smartphone at a high elevation–
He just needs to use a library workstation.”

As Geeta and Linda joined in on the huddle,
The episode no longer seemed such a muddle.
Since the reference desk helped with this seasonal service,
The kindly large patron seemed no longer nervous.

He bestowed on the dazzled librarians a bow,
Requesting his presence they would disavow,
Until he had time to return to the north,
Complete preparations, load up and set forth.

But, now it’s near midnight, he’s well underway
And details of what really transpired we’ll replay:

Two elves had decided in Round Rock to stroll,
Since rarely they chance to depart the North Pole.
As they lingered in StarCo enjoying their treat,
Santa exited town with his crew incomplete.

So, when library staff noted sandwiches taken,
Or granola bars absent or yogurt forsaken,
They chose to say nothing, suspecting perhaps
The hunger of small ones best kept under wraps.

Fear not, Santa’s tweeted: he plans to recover
The elves from their refuge; on Christmas he’ll hover
Above downtown Round Rock in hours before light
To scoop up the homesick ones fully contrite.

There’s really no harm done: the elves are well nourished
Their collaboration with staff clearly flourished.

In conclusion, all wish you a Joyeux Noel:
Santa, elves, and your staff here at RRPL!

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