Storm Stories

‘I literally felt like we were living next to angels’

Davetta Edwards

Even if they weren’t on the job during the winter storm event, many City employees still reached out to help their neighbors. Parks and Recreation Director Rick Atkins received the email below about Davetta Edwards, an administrative assistant at the main Parks office.

My neighbor, Mrs. Davetta Edwards and her husband, were absolutely a blessing to my family and me during the snow storm. The day began with a delivery of donuts, and then assistance in finding us a hotel room for the next couple of nights. She knew of my young children and baby, and really helped ease my panic.   

“The next days have been filled with text check-ins and a visit from their magnificent son offering us and my other neighbor firewood. My other neighbor was hungry, so they offered the LAST of their food to help feed them.

“Before that day, we hadn’t even exchanged phone numbers, and now, I feel like we’ve made friends for life! Their assistance has been a Godsend, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I literally felt like we were living next to angels.”

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