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Safety and Risk Management - City of Round Rock

Safety and Risk Management

Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy Statement

Health, Safety, Security, and Environment protection is an integral part of all our operations and services. The City of Round Rock strives to prevent accidents, incidents, injuries, occupational illnesses, and losses, and will make continuous effort to protect the environment through active participation of employees, contractors, and citizens.

On Health, the City will conduct all operations in such a manner to avoid harm to the health of employees and other involved persons;

On Safety, the City will plan for operations, establish safe practices, and provide training in a manner consistent with the best applicable practices to minimize risks and potential hazards to employees, other persons, and our resources;

On Security, the City makes all efforts to maintain secure operations to safeguard employees, customers, resources, and assets through ongoing risk assessment, loss prevention strategies, and site security of all facilities while respecting civil rights and fundamental freedom;

On Environment, the City will consistently and progressively promote the protection of the environment and encourage the efficient use of water, energy and protecting our natural resources.

By accepting mutual responsibility for health, safety, security, and environment, we contribute to the well – being of one another and to the accomplishment of our mission.

Mission Statement

The City of Round Rock will continuously promote Health, Safety, Security, and Environment awareness by bringing positive attitudes into alignment with responsible behaviors.

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