Driving Safety Courses

If you are charged with a moving traffic offense, you may be eligible to take a driving safety course.  If you were operating a motorcycle, you must take a motorcycle operator’s training course.  Do not take a driving safety course without first obtaining permission from the court.  Once approved, you will have 90 days to complete all requirements.




To be eligible to take a driving safety course for citation dismissal, you must:

  • Not have taken a driving safety course for another citation dismissed within the past twelve (12) months prior to the date of your citation.  You will be required to sign a legal affidavit stating you are in compliance with this condition.  
  • Make your request no later than the appearance date on your citation:
    • In person in the Clerk’s office.
    • By mail – print the Driving Safety Course Request (must be notarized), mail with required documents and payment.  This must be post marked no later than the appearance date on your citation.
  • Enter a plea of Guilty or No Contest.
  • Present your valid Texas driver’s license.
  • Present proof of financial responsibility (liability insurance) valid on the day of your request.  Must provide a paper copy.    Electronic proof of insurance IS NOT ACCEPTED.
  • Pay court costs of $144  for regular zone offenses or $169 for offenses occurring within a school zone.  Payment can be made:
    • In person in the Clerk’s office:
      • Cash, money order or Cashier’s check
      • Visa/MasterCard  (the card must be in the Defendant’s name along with photo identification)
    • By mail
      • Money order or Cashier’s check (do not send cash in the mail).  Personal checks are not accepted.

You are NOT eligible to take a driving safety course for citation dismissal if:

  1. You hold a Commercial driver’s license.
  2. You were charged with speeding 25 miles or more over the speed limit
  3. You were driving 95 miles per hour or more
  4. You were charged with one of the following offenses:
    • Failure to give information at accident scene
    • Leaving the scene of an accident
    • Fleeing or attempting to elude police officer
    • Passing a school bus 
    • Any violation while operating a commercial motor vehicle
    • An offense committed in a construction maintenance zone with workers present

Satisfactory completion will result in a dismissal of the case.  The court will report the completion of the course to the Department of Public Safety.  

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