City Attorney

City Attorney Steve Sheets

City Attorney
Stephan L. Sheets

The duties of the City Attorney include: providing legal advice to the City Council, boards, commissions and City departments; prosecutorial duties in Municipal Court; real estate matters including acquisitions, dispositions, and trades; representing the City in all litigation; and preparation and review of all contracts, resolutions, ordinances, and items presented to Council. The special Ethics Commission counsel is responsible for advising the Ethics Commission as needed. The Legal Services Department also updates the City Code with newly adopted ordinances.

The City Attorney, Stephan L. Sheets of the law firm Sheets & Crossfield, PC, is assisted by up to six other attorneys, two legal assistants and five clerical employees. As set forth in the Round Rock City Charter, the City Attorney is generally responsible for all legal affairs and reports directly to City Council.

The law firm of Sheets & Crossfield, P.C., has represented the City of Round Rock since 1977. Sheets & Crossfield represents the City of Round Rock with the following attorneys:

Stephan L. Sheets
Charles D. Crossfield
Susan Camp-Lee
Don Childs
Stephanie Sandre

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