City of Round Rock provides update on brush pickup efforts

UPDATE: As of Sunday, March 19, the City of Round Rock and its contractors have completed two rounds of pickups in every neighborhood in the City limits. This effort resulted in over 437,000 cubic yards of brush being picked up from an estimated 20,000 homes in Round Rock. The City has transitioned to a secondary cleanup phase. This phase will include a flat $25 fee for residential brush pickups for all requests submitted prior to April 1. The requests will be picked up throughout the week so residents should have brush on the curb prior to submitting the request.

On April 1, the City’s normal Residential Brush Pickup process and fees will resume.

If you have additional brush to be picked up, please submit a new request at


ORIGINAL (3/7/2023): The City of Round Rock will have substantially completed the first round of curbside brush pickup requests following last months’ ice storm by the end of this week, and officials are asking residents who have a remaining pile of debris to have it placed at their curb by Friday, March 10, in anticipation of a second round of pickups. 

The second round of brush pickups will be conducted in the coming weeks through a systematic inspection of all neighborhoods within City limits. These pickups do not require a special request through the City’s online service request form. 

After crews complete this second round of curbside brush collection, residents will be able to request any future pickups through the City’s normal, year-round service request form for curbside brush pickup. The normal $25 minimum fee for this service will be reinstated after the City concludes organized storm cleanup efforts.  

Round Rock residents can also drop off brush year-round at the Brush Recycling Center located at 310 Deep Wood Drive with a current City of Round Rock water bill and valid driver license. The location has resumed its normal hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays (closed on Sundays). The temporary brush drop-off location at 3939 E. Palm Valley Blvd. will remain closed to the public due to muddy conditions and declining volumes of traffic. 

The City has collected more than 367,000 cubic yards of brush in the month since the ice storm, which is the equivalent of almost a decade’s worth of normal collections at the City’s Brush Recycling Center. An interactive map with information about upcoming pickups and updates on brush volume collected was launched online at to help residents stay informed on cleanup efforts.  

“Our focus has been to provide efficient services as fast as possible to all of our residents to dispose of the massive amounts of brush created by last month’s ice storm,” Round Rock Mayor Craig Morgan said. “We’ve appreciated the patience from our community, as well as all of the kind words for our staff and contractors who have worked every day on this historic cleanup effort.” 

Free mulch can still be picked up at the Brush Recycling Center at 310 Deep Wood Drive, but will need to be loaded by the resident due to staff’s focus on debris removal services. 

Learn more about brush pickup and collection efforts at

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