Garbage and recycling schedule delayed due to weather conditions

The City of Round Rock’s waste service provider, Republic Services, has announced a delayed garbage and recycling pickup schedule this week due to the winter weather conditions.

Pickup the week of Jan. 15 will be delayed by one day.

  • If your regular collection day is Monday, it will now be Tuesday, Jan. 16.
  • If your regular collection day is Tuesday, it will now be Wednesday, Jan. 17.
  • If your regular collection day is Wednesday, it will now be Thursday, Jan. 18.
  • If your regular collection day is Thursday, it will now be Friday, Jan. 19.
  • If your regular collection day is Friday, it will now be Saturday, Jan. 20.

Remember winter weather basics

As always, the City of Round Rock reminds residents to follow the four “P’s” of winter weather safety:

  • PEOPLE: Keep your family warm and check on any elderly family or neighbors that may need extra blankets, help winterizing their homes or a warm place to stay.
  • PETS: Bring dogs and cats inside at night to keep them healthy and safe.
  • PLANTS:  Either cover plants to keep them warm at night or bring them inside so they can flourish.
  • PIPES:  Cover exposed pipes to prevent freezing and breaks. Check out our comprehensive blog on creating a Winter Ready Water System in your home that prevents your pipes from freezing and breaking in winter weather. Turn off sprinklers to prevent causing damage to your irrigation system.




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