Join us and Learning Fun 101 for LEGOs, bots, and more

The Round Rock Public Library invites you to enjoy creative activities for the family presented by Learning Fun 101 during Chalk Walk, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m, Saturday, Oct. 3.

Come enjoy LEGO car ramps, a free build area, free build Duplo, Battle Bot stations and more in the Baca Center Grand Ballroom. You can also take photos with Big Hero 6 cos-play characters.

Round Rock Chalk Walk is Round Rock Arts version of an Italian street painting festival. Artists are free to create, with chalk pastels, a picture on the pavement. Drawings are created in full view of the public, who are encouraged to interact with the artists as their amazing talents to create beautiful “murals” before their audience’s eyes. There are two music and performing stages, one focused on adults and the other on children and youth.

For more information, contact Theresa Faris, 512-218-7002.



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