Round Rock makes top 10 list of fastest growing economies

Some cities have the best of everything: the jobs, the schools, the museums, the nightlife, you name it. They know the recipe for attractiveness. Round Rock is one of those cities, according to a recent study of socioeconomic growth by WalletHub.

In order to identify the cities that have expanded most rapidly in socioeconomic terms between 2008 and 2014, WalletHub compared 515 U.S. cities of varying sizes across 10 key metrics, ranging from population growth to unemployment rate decrease. Round Rock ranked No. 10 overall.

Growth of Round Rock (1=Best; 257=Avg.)

  • 9th  – Population Growth
  • 38th  – Median Household Income Growth
  • 7th  – Job Growth
  • 34th  – Regional GDP Growth
  • 84th  – Unemployment Rate Decrease
  • 6th  – Growth in the Number of Businesses
  • 86th  – Full-Time Jobs Increase
  • 12th  – Working-Age Population Growth
  • 10th  – Growth of Median House Prices





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