Round Rock opened a new section of Kenney Fort Boulevard — and there’s an AI song about it

“Load up the car heading to Austin, calculate the time this traffic is costing. 35 is a nightmare, man, but I’ll get there as fast as I can. Wait a minute, breaking news, Kenney Fort is open for all to use. Cruising on Kenney, it feels so nice, big wide lanes and bright white stripes.”

Rolling on Kenney by Jraider22

Round Rock residents have enjoyed riding on a new segment of roadway that recently opened, generating not only major excitement but also…a song?

First, a little about the road itself. The newly opened segment of Kenney Fort Boulevard runs from Old Settlers Boulevard to Joe DiMaggio Boulevard. This six-lane divided roadway is designed to alleviate traffic congestion, provide another north-south route through town and make daily commutes smoother for residents on the east side of Round Rock.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. A YouTuber named Jraider22 was so inspired by the opening of the new road that he created an AI-powered country song called “Rolling on Kenney.” The weirdest part is that the song is actually pretty good. Lyrics praising the “big wide lanes and bright white stripes” almost make you feel the wind in your hair as you imagine cruising down the boulevard.

“A friend of mine…let me know last night that Kenny was open and it inspired such joy and excitement in me that I wrote this song,” he said in the video

So next time you’re cruising down Kenney Fort, roll down your windows, crank up “Rolling on Kenney,” and enjoy the ride!

You may have heard about several Kenney Fort projects over the past few years, so to make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of the major projects Kenney Fort Boulevard has seen over the last decade:

Segment 1, stretching from Joe DiMaggio Boulevard (just north of US 79) to Forest Creek Drive, marked the beginning of this transformation when it was completed in the summer of 2013. This segment set the stage for subsequent developments, enhancing connectivity in the northern part of the city.

Fast forward to the present, Segments 2 and 3 are currently under construction (this project has been moving slower than expected due to contractor delays and is expected to wrap up in September). These segments will extend the roadway south from Forest Creek Drive all the way down to State Highway 45.

Meanwhile, Segment 4 is actually made up of a series of now-completed projects. Segment 4A was a short section constructed to provide additional access to the Multipurpose Complex. This section runs from Old Settlers Boulevard to about a quarter-mile south of Old Settlers Boulevard, playing a crucial role in local traffic flow. Adjacent to this, Segment 4B, a collaboration with Meritage Homes, extends from Old Settlers Boulevard to near Pecan Branch.

The final piece of Segment 4, known as Segment 4C, extended the six-lane divided roadway from Joe DiMaggio Boulevard to the south and Old Settlers Boulevard to the north.

Looking into the future, the extension of Kenney Fort Boulevard from Old Settlers Boulevard to University Boulevard, or segments 5 and 6, is the next section planned for this overall project in the City’s Transportation Master Plan. However, this project is still years away as staff conducts the design, public input and right of way acquisition phases.

Success doesn’t happen by accident, and in Round Rock, it’s all about strategic planning and methodical execution. For more details on City of Round Rock’s road projects, visit

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