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Round Rock sets new outdoor watering schedule - City of Round Rock

Round Rock sets new outdoor watering schedule

On Thursday, Jan. 28, Round Rock City Council passed a new outdoor watering schedule to avoid oversaturated yards and better balance water distribution during the week.

New Watering Schedule
If your address ends in… Watering Days
4 or 8 Sunday and/or Thursday
0 or 3 Monday and/or Thursday
2, 6 or 7 Tuesday and/or Friday
1, 5 or 9 Wednesday and/or Saturday

The new watering days are based on the last number of your address and will be spread out over seven days rather than six to better balance water usage throughout the weekThis helps ensure the best possible water quality and avoids oversaturation caused by two neighbors watering at the same time. The new schedule also removes the designation of what type of property is being irrigated and simply uses the property address for the designated water day(s).   

The best time to water is before noon or after 7 p.m. The watering schedule is voluntary unless drought restrictions are in place. There are no restrictions currently in effect; however, the City recommends you follow the schedule even when no drought restrictions are in effect. 

Rebates are also available for smart irrigation systems for specific upgrades to existing irrigation systems. Visit roundrocktexas.gov/rebates to learn more.

Learn more about water usage, events and resources at roundrocktexas.gov/water.

The following videos include step-by-step instructions showing how you can change your irrigation system to your new watering days:



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