Round Rock to expand reuse water system along Kenney Fort Boulevard extension

The City of Round Rock will expand its water reuse system following a unanimous vote by the City Council on Thursday, April 14, to install a new pipeline along the Kenney Fort Boulevard Road extension project currently under construction.

The pipeline will be constructed by J.D. Abrams for approximately $1.7 million. The construction of the Kenney Fort Boulevard Segments 2 and 3 project, which will extend Kenney Fort Boulevard from Forest Creek Drive to State Highway 45, provided the City the opportunity to extend reuse water along Kenney Fort Boulevard to Gattis School Road. The project will include the installation of 4,650 linear feet of 16-inch reuse waterline on Kenney Fort Boulevard, 800 linear feet of 16-inch reuse waterline on Gattis School Road, and 215 linear feet of 12-inch reuse waterline along Kenney Fort Boulevard. This expansion will give the City the ability to serve several existing and potential developments with reuse water, as well as loop the southern portion of the reuse water system in the future.

The City has been irrigating with reclaimed, recycled or reuse water since 1998, when the first reuse project was put into use after completing a pipeline from the Brushy Creek Regional Wastewater Facility to Forest Creek Golf Club. The water reuse program was created as an effort to reduce the City’s potable water use. The City has taken advantage of using existing facilities like abandoned wastewater force mains where possible and focuses new reuse projects in areas close to the City’s wastewater facilities. Learn more about the City’s water reuse program at




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