Adulting 101 For Teens

Adulting 101 for Teens – Yoga for a strong mind and body (teens only, ages 12-18) (preregistration)

Welcome to Adulting 101 for Teens, a series of programs to help teens develop life skills to transition to adulthood. We will have presenters on topics in the fall series from September-December.

The Round Rock Public Library and The Yoga Room welcome teens to a yoga class on Tuesday, December 3 at 6:30 pm.  All levels are welcome.

Teens, ages 12-18, will learn how to increase stamina, strength, flexibility, and also how to build mental focus and mindfulness.

We thank The Yoga Room for making this event possible.

For more information please contact Jane Dance, 512.218.7012. 

This event is PREREGISTRATION ONLY.  Please arrive early!    Those who arrive more than five minutes late may forfeit their space(s).  Also, if you cannot attend, please cancel your reservation via Eventbrite or call 512.218.3275. Online registration will start at 12:00 pm, Tuesday 19 November .



Adulting 101 For Teens (ages 12-18) – SAT / ACT – Prepare. Achieve. Succeed

Welcome to our series designed to help teens develop life skills and knowledge to transition to adulthood. We will have presenters on many topics the first Tuesday of every month, and our Fall series will run September – December.

Testing is stressful, and Huntington Learning Center, Round Rock are here to help!

They will present a workshop for college bound high school students. This presentation is for students taking the SAT / ACT and focuses on factors that influence college admission, and how the college exams are scored and used. We discuss tips on preparing for college entrance exams, and strategies to improve test scores.

For more information contact Jane Dance, 512.218.7012