The 6 amazing ways the Round Rock Sports Center amazes

Sports Center LogoThe Round Rock Sports Center is an amazing facility. Not even two years old, the Sports Center — designed to provide indoor sports capacity to our Sports Capital of Texas tourism program — is rockin’ on all eight cylinders.

Or rollin’ like a top. (Mix your own metaphor here).

The financials are off the charts — in a good way — as the facility more than pays for itself. And that includes debt service. Which, if you are familiar with municipal finance, is nothing short of incredible. That’s amazing point No. 1. In the first fiscal year of operations, it brought in $880,000 more revenue than it spent. This past fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, it looks like it’s going to be $1 million to the good. That fund balance will go into a reserve to be used for major repairs, if needed, and/or possibly making some additional debt payments.

So what else could be so amazing, you ask? Obviously, there’s a lot of folks playing basketball and volleyball at the Sports Center. (Not familiar with the Sports Center? Take 3 minutes to watch this.)

Here are 5 other amazing sports and activities the facility has hosted.

Amazing Sports Center

1. Futsal

It's like indoor soccer, with a smaller ball

RRSC bridal show

2. Cake Wars

Better call Saul, because we're pretty sure the Breaking Bad lawyer will want to sue for unlawful use of likeness. This was one of the winners from the 2015 That Takes the Cake Sugar Art show. It'll be back Feb. 27-28.

bass pro job fair

3. Job fairs

Angling for work? We hosted the Bass Pro Shops job fair at the Sports Center

rrsc table tennis

4. Table Tennis, anyone?

We've hosted national pro and collegiate tournaments. Just don't call it ping pong, OK?

rrsc speed agility training

5. Dance classes

We're kidding. It's speed and agility training. Though we suspect these guys could bust a move if necessary