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Round Rock employee gives back to local athletes

One athlete’s forgotten gear is another athlete’s treasure, thanks to a program to give back to those in need created by City of Round Rock employee Joey Salazar.

Footballs, soccer balls and athletic gear are often left behind by out-of-town athletes visiting the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex, where Salazar serves as the Sports Maintenance Lead. The facility holds these items for two weeks to wait for an owner to claim them, and previously donated unclaimed items to Goodwill.

Salazar, who has worked for the City for seven years, began to notice a missed opportunity to give back directly to athletes in our own community who find themselves in need. He partnered with local sports groups, donating 689 unclaimed items to local youth. The donations also included 14 coats for Coats for Kids, a charity that provides jackets to local children in need.

“Sometimes you might get a good pair of sneakers for a child that doesn’t have any,” Salazar said. “I just hope that it continues…to grow and maybe inspire other people.”

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