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WATER SPOT BLOG: Helping your grass survive a drought

The City of Round Rock is currently under Stage I drought restrictions, which limit outdoor watering to a maximum of two days per week, with the goal of a 15 percent overall reduction in water use Citywide.

If you were previously following the City’s voluntary watering schedule, which was based on a two days per week schedule, then your landscape and lawn should not be in stress because there was no change. If you were watering more than twice per week before drought restrictions were implemented, it is normal to see some stress in your lawn under the current restrictions. 

What should I do if my grass is turning yellow? 

Crispy grass — and even yellow grass — do not indicate that your grass is dying; rather, this is a sign of your grass becoming dormant to protect itself from stress. Once temperatures start to cool down and we receive more rain, your grass will awaken and grow healthy again. Most turf grasses common in Round Rock, such as Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia grass, can be trained to be drought tolerant and can survive the summer stress. The key is to not over water. If you irrigate too frequently, the roots of your grass will not grow to their maximum depth because they are receiving water at the surface of the soil. By saturating the soil with deeper, more infrequent watering, roots can grow to their maximum depth to reach as much of the available water as possible. This will result in a more drought tolerant grass. 

When is the best time to water? 

Water before sunrise to avoid evaporation during the heat of the day. Avoid watering on windy days as most of the water will be blown elsewhere. Wind speeds tend to be lower when the sun is down – another reason to water at night. 

How much water does grass need? 

Try to water grass to a depth of 4-6 inches to allow roots to grow deeper. It only takes 1 inch of water to penetrate to this depth. You can set up containers in your yard to monitor how much water is reaching the grass across your lawn. 

Don’t forget the City of Round Rock’s conservation programs, including irrigation system and water harvesting rebates! Visit to learn more. 

Are you watering your lawn too much? Watch the video below for an easy test to keep your lawn looking great while still being water wise.

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