Social Media Commenting Guide

Social Media Commenting Guide

The City of Round Rock utilizes multiple social media accounts to connect with residents and other community members.

We wish to promote effective communication and maintain a respectful dialogue in the social sphere. In that spirit, the City strives to maintain a productive and open forum for community discussion.

Moderators may address comments that include off-topic content, abusive language, personal attacks, commercial or political endorsements, copyright violations, repetitive content, fund solicitations, speculation on investigations, promotion of illegal activities or sexual content.

Comments on City social media channels are not deemed to be official public testimony concerning any project or program for which the City is required to hold a public hearing. Expressing your opinion in these forums is for discussion only and is not a substitute for a formal statement in a public hearing process.

More information on open records requests can be found in our Open Records Center.

Updated Jan. 8, 2024

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