Rock’N River FAQs

No coins under $.25 (quarter).
No checks at Rock’N River.

Rock'N River FAQs:

Rock’N River Water Park is located at 800 Harrell Parkway, Round Rock, Texas. We are within Old Settler’s Park near the Dell Diamond where the AAA baseball team the Round Rock Express play.

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  • $14 Adults  (18-49 years)
  • $12 Children  (2-17 years)
  • $6 Young Children  (2 and under)
  • $12 Seniors  (50 years and older)
    We ask that seniors identify themselves as such at the admission window to obtain the senior rate
  • Twilight Admission takes place the last 2 hours of the operational day. Guests enjoy half price fees for admittance to the park. No Refunds. Tickets only available for Twilight Hours onsite.  No Pre- or Online Sales

We accept Cash, Mastercard and Visa. We do not accept Checks, American Express, or Discover Card.

We do not offer refunds for admission. We do offer rain passes when weather forces us to close all attractions for the day.  Rainstorms can cause brief delays in operations, and in these cases a rain pass will not be issued – as the park will be reopening after the intermission once the storm has passed.    Please note, RNR is an outdoor facility that runs at the mercy of outdoor conditions.

Admissions can be purchased in advance online or at the door the day of entry.

We are very proud of the affordability of our park and the amount of value you get for our ticket prices. To continue to keep our user costs low, we do not offer any sort of discounted tickets.

Rock’N River offers season passes at:

  • Youth/Senior Pass $65
  • Adult Pass $75
  • 4 person Family Pass $235 (Good for 4 people*, no more than 2 Adults over 18 yrs old) 
  • 5 person Family Pass $250 (Good for 5 people*, no more than 2 Adults over 18 yrs old)
  • 6 person Family Pass $265 (Good for 6 people*, no more than 2 Adults over 18 yrs old)

*Any children on a family pass must be under 18 and tax verified dependents from the same immediate family household.  Any passes that falsely claim dependent children to their family account, will result in all passes on that account being voided for park access with no refund or exchange.  

Season passes can be purchased online or in person at Rock’N River Water Park during park operating hours, or at the Parks and Recreation Main Office (512-218-5540, 301 W. Bagdad Suite 250). Season passes are good at Rock’N River only. They are not accepted at any other City of Round Rock Pools.

All guests entering Rock’N River must pay the admission fee.

A wristband can be issued to allow re-entry into the park gates.

Proper swimwear is required for all water attractions. Denim and swimwear with zippers, buckles, or rivets are not permitted. Thong bathing suits or attire that is see through will not be permitted. Clothing with offensive material will also not be permitted inside the park. No undergarments are permitted to be worn as swim attire.

Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear a swim diaper while in the water. Swim diapers are available for purchase in our General Store where Visa, Mastercard and cash are accepted. A regular diaper will absorb water and weigh your child down in the water.

We do not allow water shoes on any attraction. No water shoes will be allowed on go down any slide or attraction in the park. Water shoes can be worn on the pool deck and in the pool itself.

Guests may bring regular sized outside coolers into Rock’N River. No larger than 48 Qt. As a general rule, it requires multiple adults to carry it, it’s too large to come in the gates. Glass bottles/containers, knives, and alcohol are prohibited. Rock’N River does not charge for coolers to be brought into the park. Coolers and bags will be searched upon entry. To expedite entry with a cooler, keeping your ice bagged (vs. loose) will help you get through the gate search more quickly.

Rock’N River has a swim-up concession area within the pool itself, as well as an adjacent walkup concession area at The Watering Hole. The Watering Hole serves ice cream, drinks, and snacks. Additionally, we have a rotating list of food truck vendors. Visa and Mastercard, along with cash, are accepted at all of our concession & food truck areas.

Guests can bring goggles, but they are not allowed to be worn on the atrtractions.

Rock N River has a limited number of free lifejackets that are offered on a first come/first served basis. We offer multiple children’s sized life vests. We do not allow floaties or any other non-Coast Guard approved flotation devices.

Outside floatation devices and toys are prohibited. We do allow US Coast Guard approved lifejackets.

We provide floats free of charge for use in the lazy river on a first come, first serve basis. Outside floatation devices are not allowed. Our floats range from 42” – 48” with a hole in the middle.

No. You can bring your own US Coast Guard approved lifejacket. Otherwise outside floats and toys are prohibited. We have US Coast Guard approved life vests available on a first come first serve basis at no charge. Also, we provide tubes for floating our lazy river.

We do not allow any outside floats within the facility. We have infant sized life vests available on a first come first serve basis. You are able to bring your own coast guard approved life vest for your infant. Of note for any child under 6 years old, parents are required to be actively supervising (paying close and constant attention to) the children in their care, staying within arms reach of those children at all times.

Strollers will be allowed inside the park. Strollers with storage areas will be subject to search at entrance gates. Strollers should also be stowed away from the pool’s edge, in areas that do not impede walk ways or access to the pool. Management reserves the right to move any strollers impeding access to the pools and walkways.

Rock’N River does not allow guests to bring tables, pop up tents, or large umbrellas. It is very windy at Old Settler’s Park and these items can fly through the air and hit other patrons. Additionally such items can impede flow in our walkways. We do allow fold up stadium chairs as long as they are kept out of walkways and away from the pool’s edge. Management reserves the right to move any chairs impeding access to the pools and walkways.

Smoking is not allowed inside Rock’N River. Tobacco, including electronic/vapor are not allowed at any of the facilities.

We accept cash, Visa and Mastercard at The General Store for locker rentals.
Locker bins are available for daily rental at our General Store

Small Locker: $1 (enough for a wallet and keys)
Medium Locker: $3 (approximately the size of 2 shoe boxes)
Large Locker: $5 (the size of a standard cooler)

Yes, our general store sells swim diapers, goggles, sun black and more. The General Store is located at the blue container past the first aid area. Visa and Mastercard, along with cash, are accepted at The General Store.

Rock’N River has multiple rental spaces to accommodate all kinds of gatherings and groups. Book early as rentals fill quickly each season.

Rock N River has many tables, chairs, and shaded areas available for use throughout the park. This is provided to users on a first come, first served basis. We do not guarantee anyone specific seating with in the park with the general admission price. The only reserved seating available is within our rental cabanas, bungalows, umbrellas, pergolas party areas, or the octagon umbrella. If you are interested in reserved seating, we would suggest that you look into reserving a rental area in advance.

We have various umbrellas, picnic tables and chaise lounges available on a first come, first serve basis. To find these locations, please refer to the Park Map on Rock’N River’s website. We also have a large lawn area. Guests are encouraged to bring a blanket and claim a space on the lawn.

Our picnic tables are standard size and can accommodate about 6 adults per table, and about 8 children per table.

We ask that guests limit their decorations to items that will not blow into the pool or impede other guests. Balloons, confetti, etc., are all be prohibited, as it could easily cause a trash problem in the pool and pool area. Any other similar items would also be prohibited. Access to the rental area will be allowed at the specified rental time with paid admission to the park.

Admission to Rock N River Water Park is not included in our rental fees. Reserving a rental area guarantees you a specific space once you are admitted into the park. Admission to the park requires payment of the daily fee or a season pass. Some Birthday Party packages do include admission, and are a separate items than a regular rental.

Advanced online tickets can be shared with your guests, to enter the park at their leisure.

If you have any special needs or accommodations during your visit, please let us know by calling the Parks and Recreation Office at 512-218-5540.

The Quarry contains a 12.5 foot deep pool and has 2 requirements for use. Users of The Quarry must be 48” or taller AND must pass a swim test for entry. Children 48” or taller wanting to partake in the Drop Slide, Jump Platform and Rock Climbing Wall will need to take the swim test and prove applicable swimming skills.

In order to maintain appropriate supervision, parents/guardians must maintain ACTIVE SUPERVISION of children 12 years and under. All younger children 0-6 require a parent to be within arms reach at all times.

Yes, we are limited in the amount of guests we can accommodate. We can safely hold 1,600 guests within the park. On very hot days and holiday weekends, the park has hit capacity. We suggest arriving early to ensure entrance. Once capacity is hit, we will not allow guest in the park until other guests leave.

Rock N River is an outdoor facility which operates at the mercy of outdoor conditions. Due to severe weather, Rock N River may be forced to shut down attractions for the sake of safety of patrons and team members. Rock N River will offer a rain pass upon request for severe weather shut downs of the entire facility for the day. Rain passes will not be issued when there is a sighting of thunder or lighting causing a short delay in operations. If operations shut down for the entire day due to severe weather, rain passes will be issued upon request. We do not offer refunds. In the event the park is shutting down for the remainder of the day and rain passes will be issued, they will follow the following criteria: If the park shuts down before 3:30pm, a full day pass will be issued upon request. If the park shuts down after 3:30pm a half off pass will be issued upon request. No rain passes will be issued after 5pm.

Even with best efforts and diligent maintenance practices, sometimes things out of our control happen. When unforeseen events force a closure to an attraction we will continue park operations with lowered occupancy rates for our water attractions. This means we may need to limit the amount of people allowed in each attraction at one time to ensure safety. In 2016 Rock N River underwent a multi-million dollar overhaul tripling the capacity of the park. We are able to safely accommodate the following amount of patrons in each area: Splashville – 500, The Quarry – 171, The Watering Hole – 338, Lazy River and surrounding attractions – 600.

Rock N River strives to assist guest with disabilities. Multiple pools and Splash areas within the park offer zero depth entries where wheelchairs can access. The park also features ADA compliant lifts. Please speak to a manager at the entrance gate about any needs you may have, or call the PARD Main Office at 512-218-5540.

Rock N River is a family environment where we ask all patrons to respect those around them and the team members working at our facility. We have a zero tolerance policy for abusive language or behaviors. Management reserves the right to eject patrons at any time.

Rock’N River is part of the City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department that runs multiple city pools. You can learn more at for more information and view open positions at


Most issues can be solved with our onsite management team at the park. Please proceed to Rock’N River’s Manager Office, beside the park’s main entrance, for help onsite.

Any other issues can be directed to our Parks and Recreation Administrative Team at 512-218-5540 or Phone calls and emails to this line will be returned in the order received during City of Round Rock business hours, which are regularly Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.

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