If you fail to appear in Court as provided by law for the prosecution of this offense(s) or fail to properly dispose of your case, you may be denied renewal of your driver’s license or denied the right to register a motor vehicle in this State.  In addition, a warrant will be issued for your arrest, increasing court costs in your case.

When a warrant has been issued

If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, you may pay the amount of the warrant in full by mailing a money order or appearing at the Municipal Court Clerk’s Office with cash, money order, or your personal Visa/MasterCard (the card must be in the name of the person who received the violation).  If you would like to plead “Not Guilty” to the offense, you must post a bond in the amount assessed by the Judge.

Any questions regarding your warrant must be directed to the Municipal Court.

If you fail to appear

Upon default, your case will be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety for the “Failure to Appear” program.  This program places an indicator on your driver’s license that you have unpaid fines or outstanding charges in our Court.  The indicator prohibits a person from renewing their driver’s license until all indicators have been cleared.

It is the policy of Round Rock Municipal Court that until you are acquitted, or the judgment(s) against you have been fully satisfied, the indicator remains in force.  The “indicator clearance” process may take up to 48 working hours.  The driver’s license can not be renewed until the indicator has been deactivated.

Within 60 days of an appearance or payment default, regardless of judgment, the case is forwarded to a collection agency.  The agency will charge an additional 30 percent of the total amount owed.