Court Fines and Payments

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Offense descriptions may vary and can be written in multiple ways.  If you need clarification, call the Municipal Court Clerk’s office at 512-218-5480.
  • Accident fine – If there was an accident involved for a moving violation, the fine is $257.
  • Construction Zone citation – If you were charged with speeding in a construction zone and workers were not present, your fine will be the same as a normal speeding violation.  If you were charged with speeding in a construction zone and workers were present, your fine will be doubled and you will not be able to take a driving safety course to have the ticket dismissed.
  • Parking citation – You have two options if you received a parking violation:
    • Speak with the Judge on your appearance date at 9:00 am
    • Pay the fine by appearance date on your citation
      • parking in a handicapped space, $519
      • parking in a fire zone, $182
      • other parking violations, $102
  • Maximum fines – for most municipal court cases the maximum fine is:
      • Traffic violations, $237
      • Penal violations, $500
      • City ordinances, $500

Paying Your Citation

Round Rock Municipal Court accepts the following methods of payment:
  • Cash – in person only
  • Money Order or Cashier’s Check – if paying by mail or night drop, must include Plea form
  • Visa or MasterCard – in person
    • The card must be in the name of the person who received the citation
    • Valid photo identification
    •  Name must match the credit card and  name on the citation
  • Online payment
    • There are additional processing fees
    • Payments made after 2:00 pm will be processed the next business day
    • If paying online, you must enter a plea of no contest or guilty.  Payment will close the case.  If this is not your intent, do not pay online.
    • Not all violations can be paid online.  Some will require your appearance in court or payment must be made in the Clerk’s office as additional paperwork will be required.  Examples of cases not eligible for online payment:
        • Driving While License Invalid
        • Driver’s safety course request
        • Deferred disposition
        • Minor charged with a tobacco/alcohol violation
        • Under the age of 17 at the time of the violation
        • Posting a cash bond
        • Dismissals
  • Requesting a payment extension – If you enter a plea of no contest or guilty, you may request a 30-day extension to pay the fine in full.   This must be done on or before the appearance date assigned on your citation.  This request can be made:

Only one extension will be allowed.  It is the responsibility of the person who received the citation to call the Clerk’s office at 512-218-5480 to verify the request was received and approved by the judge.