Environmental Initiatives

Recycle Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays!

Did you know that the way a Christmas tree is cared for AFTER Christmas actually makes a huge difference in its impact on the environment? 

The best way to dispose of real Christmas trees is to take them to a brush recycling center and have them ground into beneficial mulch.  This mulch will make landscape beds look great while returning valuable nutrients and organic matter back to the soil.  It will also help conserve and extend available water, decrease soil erosion, decrease weed growth, and build soil carbon.  If real Christmas trees are discarded at the curb, they eventually make their way to the landfill where they will be buried and break down into methane gas – a more harmful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. 

The City of Round Rock will be offering FREE Christmas Tree Recycling at the Brush Recycling Center (located at 310 Deep Wood Dr.) on Saturday, December 30th and Saturday, January, 6th from 9am-6pm.  Small tree saplings will be distributed (while supplies last) on those days.  Additionally, residents may bring Christmas trees for recycling during any regular operating day.  Turtle Team 6 wants wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!  And remember, YOU can make a difference this year by recycling your trees!!

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