Check out the City’s current water conservation rebates

The City of Round Rock provides several programs to residential or commercial property owners that are the City’s direct water customers (if you are unsure — check your water bill!). Various rebates are promoted throughout the year as funding allows. Check out the awesome rebates available to you now:

Better Bathroom Rebate (pilot program) — for the purchase and installation of new WaterSense labeled toilets, showerheads, and faucets to home bathrooms. Learn more

Bathrooms are the highest water using rooms of the house, accounting for half of indoor water use! By updating and choosing WaterSense labeled plumbing fixtures, you’ll save water, energy and money. 

Clothes Washer Rebate — for the purchase of a high efficiency clothes water. Learn more

Clothes washers account for 22% of water use inside our homes. New front-loading efficient washers use less water, and Energy Star-labeled washers use 20% less energy, 35% less water, and have larger wash tubs, which means fewer loads.

Water Flow Sensor Rebate — for the purchase and installation of an approved water flow sensor device. Learn more

Water flow sensing devices record your water use and identify potential leaks at your property and alert you to unusual usage. This can save you money due to damage caused by a water leak and prevents water from being wasted.

Lawn Aeration and Compost Rebate — For aeration and compost application lawn services. Learn more

Core aeration and compost helps in reducing soil compaction, promotes deep root growth, and reduces water runoff.

Smart Irrigation Rebate — For specific irrigation upgrades and/or having your irrigation system checked by a Licensed Irrigator. Learn more

Outdoor watering accounts for approximately 60% of the City’s total water use in the summer! By making irrigation systems more efficient, we can reduce water use, water waste, and improve the health of landscapes.  

Rainwater Collection Rebate — For the purchase and installation of water collection materials; this could be rain water or air conditioner condensate. Learn more

Rainwater can be used for non-potable purposes such as watering plants and landscapes. Rainwater is better for plants than treated potable water, due to higher nitrogen levels.  Collecting rainwater also reduces soil erosion and helps conserve our drinking water supply.

Learn more about the City’s entire rebate program on the Conservation Rebates webpage.



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