City revising portion of Utility Criteria Manual governing design of new or replacement utilities

The City of Round Rock is revising Section I of III out of the Utility Criteria Manual (UCM). The UCM is part of the City’s Design and Construction Standards (DACS), which help to govern design and construction on both existing and future construction within the city limits.  

Along with the three UCM sections, the DACS also includes General Guidelines, Drainage Specifications, Transportation Specifications and Standard Specifications. Section I of the UCM, titled “Water, Reuse Water, and Wastewater,” is the most substantive section of the Utility Criteria Manual, addressing most all of the design information needed to design any new or replacement utilities. 

The revised Section I can be viewed on the City’s website, and it will be available for review and comment anytime throughout the month of January 2017:

Please direct all feedback to Utility Engineering Manager, David Freireich, via email at



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