City to replace aging water lines in Greenhill subdivision

Round Rock City Council approved a contract at its Oct. 14 meeting to replace aging water lines in the Greenhill subdivision.

The City of Round Rock’s water line replacement program targets water lines based on their age, history of leaks, breaks and other problems. Replacing these aging water lines with modern materials ensures safe and reliable delivery of drinking water to residents of Round Rock. 

The City replaces these water lines using a method called pre-chlorinated pipe bursting. This technique allows less impact to City customers by minimizing the time individual water lines are out-of-service. To date, the City has completed eight projects which have replaced approximately 108,500 linear feet, or approximately 20 miles, of existing water lines, averaging approximately 4 miles per year.

This project will consist of replacing approximately 14,356 linear feet, or approximately 2.5 miles, of water lines in the Greenhill subdivisions. The lines being replaced were installed in the 1970s, have a history of breaks and are near the end of their estimated life expectancy. 

The project was awarded to SKE Construction, LLC for a total cost of $2,022,746.67.




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