City working on consolidated Development Code

Advisory Committee, Planning Department staff working on streamlining codes related to all aspects of development

The City of Round Rock has been working since 2013 to consolidate and update all land development regulations into a document called a Development Code.

What is a Development Code?

A Development Code is a set of rules and guidelines that address all aspects of land development from beginning to end. This includes subdivision platting, zoning, site plan review, permitting, landscaping and tree protection, signs, and technical building codes.

Why create a Development Code?

Right now, the various regulations pertaining to development in Round Rock are scattered about the City’s Code of Ordinances, making it difficult for property owners, developers, and citizens to find the information they need. This also increases the likelihood of duplication and inconsistencies between different ordinance sections; for example whenever one section is updated, conflicts may result if other sections are not also updated. Putting all regulations into one document will allow for more consistent interpretation and enforcement while reducing conflicts and making the Code more easily understood by everyone, reinforcing the City’s development philosophy of Making it Happen.

It also provides the City an opportunity to modernize outdated regulations, provide clarifications, and reshape certain policies.

The Process

The Round Rock Development Code will become a new third section of the City’s Code of Ordinances. First is the Charter and second is the current Code of Ordinances. All the regulations pertaining to land development will be removed from their current place in the Code of Ordinances and moved to the new Development Code. All sections will continue to be found online at Municode.

City Council gave staff direction to move forward with the Development Code in mid-2013. Staff began gathering topics for further review and possible amending soon thereafter, while also creating an outline for the new document. Staff presented these topics to the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) at the annual work session in January 2014. From May through August 2014 staff met with the City Council-appointed Advisory Committee made up of local professionals in a series of six meetings. All of the topics presented to the P&Z Commission were presented to the Advisory Committee, as well as others that arose in the meantime. The Advisory Committee provided high-level input that staff will use to help form the basis for new land development policy decisions. The agenda and meeting minutes from each Advisory Committee meeting are posted below.

Staff will work through the end of 2014 on creating the first draft of the Development Code document and will then present it the Planning and Zoning Commission at their annual work session in January 2015. Staff will revise the draft if necessary and forward it to the City Attorney for review shortly thereafter. Then the draft will be posted here for public review and comment. In mid-2015 it will be presented to the P&Z Commission and City Council for adoption.

Advisory Committee meeting minutes

May 21, 2014 Development Code Advisory Committee: Minutes
June 4, 2014 Development Code Advisory Committee: Minutes
June 18, 2014 Development Code Advisory Committee: Minutes
July 16, 2014 Development Code Advisory Committee: Minutes
August 6, 2014 Development Code Advisory Committee: Minutes
August 20, 2014 Development Code Advisory Committee: Minutes

Advisory Committee members

  • Brent Baker, Landscape Architect – Studio 16:19
  • Brian Cave, Operations Manager – Cain & Company – Keller Williams Realty; Vice President – Heart of Round Rock Neighborhood Association
  • Chuck Glace, President – Chasco Constructors
  • Keith Hickman, Principal Architect – KAH Architecture
  • Jeff Seiler, Civil Engineer – Seiler Lankus Group
  • David Sour, Broker – Burke Real Estate Group
  • Bo Spencer, Principal Architect – Spencer Group Architects, Inc.
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