Council Members, Parks Department hosted Stella Park Rededication Ceremony

Stella Park has been completely revitalized with a new play structure, new picnic space, pavilion and more!

The Round Rock City Council and the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department hosted a Rededication Ceremony and lunch event on Saturday, August 27 at the newly revitalized Stella Park located 803 Nancy Drive.

The City Council approved $375,000 in 2014 as part of the Repair and Replacement Program to revitalize neighborhood and community parks throughout Round Rock. This program is also part of the City Council’s overall Neighborhood Revitalization Program. The City’s Parks Development Division has been steadily revitalizing various parks throughout the community collaborating with local neighborhoods to ensure local needs are met.

The revitalized park includes a new Miracle Play Structure featuring 2 belt swings, 2 toddler swings, two slides, monkey bars, net climber and more.

Additionally, a new picnic space with 3 square picnic tables, 2 benches and a seat wall were also added to the park. The revitalization also includes a 16’x16’ pavilion with picnic tables and grill for family picnics. The existing basketball court has been completely replaced and the hoop has been upgraded to a polycarbonate basketball hoop and now features a sitting bench in the court area.

A drinking fountain has been installed and the existing baseball field backstop has been replaced. The existing tennis court has been made ADA accessible and two new benches have been added for comfort. In addition, approximately 900’ of additional trail has been laid to create a walking loop with 4 benches spaced along the trail.

For more information about Parks and Recreation programs, facilities, parks and trails, residents can logon to

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