Economic growth propels Round Rock to top tier of American ‘Boomtowns’

2019 Top Boomtowns mapThe U.S. economy has been strong in recent years, with the national unemployment rate hovering at a historic low and job creation remaining steady. But some local economies are contributing to this national boom more than others. Not surprisingly, Round Rock is among them.

To find the top boomtowns in America, SmartAsset analyzed economic data for 500 cities nationwide. The company considered the following factors: unemployment rate, GDP growth, population change, housing development, change in household income and business growth. Round Rock ranked tenth overall in the study, coming two spots above Austin, which ranks 12th.

Round Rock experienced population and economic growth at least double the average rates for these metrics in the study.

Both Round Rock and Austin also rank well for business growth. From the 2012 to 2016, the number of local establishments in Round Rock and Austin grew by roughly 20 percent and 15 percent, respectively. In that metric, Round Rock ranks third highest and Austin ranks 19th highest out of the 500 cities analyzed.

The full report, including the methodology and rankings, can be found here:

Round Rock also made the list in 2017, ranking No. 9.




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