Georgetown resident, an airline contact, being monitored for Ebola by Williamson health officials

Resident was in close proximity to person who was later identified as having the virus

The Williamson County and Cities Health District was informed on Thursday, Oct. 16, that a Georgetown resident was on Frontier Flight #1143 from Cleveland to Dallas on Monday night and was in close proximity to the second health care worker who was later identified as having the Ebola virus.

According to statements from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Frontier Airlines, the healthcare worker did not exhibit symptoms during the flight and the risk of exposure for other passengers is low.

The Georgetown resident has been completely cooperative and compliant with recommendations from health officials. In addition, he also has decided to separate himself from others, including his family. At the current time, this individual has not exhibited any symptoms of the virus. The individual has children who attend Georgetown ISD schools.  It is important to note the children were not on the flight and have had no exposure to a symptomatic adult. However, at this time, the family has chosen to keep the children at home.  The Georgetown ISD says all schools will remain open and all events will be held as scheduled.

Said Dr. Chip Riggins, Executive Director and Health Authority of the Williamson County and Cities Health District: “We have been and will continue to be in regular communication with the individual and his family on a daily basis. Health District staff will contact him twice daily to check for any symptoms. Again, because the family members were not exposed to a symptomatic case, they can and should be safely welcomed back to school. They do not pose a risk to others.”

Should you have any questions, contact your physician or visit the following websites: or

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