Update: New traffic signal at Highway 79 at Brushy Creek Plant Road scheduled to go live Feb. 8

Update: The new traffic signal at US 79 and Brushy Creek Plant Road is anticipated to be fully active today. The City has been working toward this goal over the past several months as traffic volumes and patterns reached levels that justified traffic signal controls at the location.

In addition, the improvements at this intersection are expected to complete the requirements needed to implement the City’s final quiet zone. As part of the normal process for activating the signal next to the railroad, the signal was placed in a temporary flashing condition for testing and communication checks with Union Pacific Railroad due to the nearby crossing before going into full operation.

From Monday, Feb. 6: The City of Round Rock was able to keep all traffic signals functioning throughout the recent ice storm event by utilizing battery backups and generators purchased for emergency situations. However, a new traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 79 and Brushy Creek Plant Road was in the process of being installed and was awaiting power until recently. Crews have brought this signal online ahead of schedule, but it will remain in flash mode while the City works with Union Pacific to initiate proper signal operation due to its location next to the railroad tracks.

The flashing yellow signals means drivers on Highway 79 do not need to stop. Cross traffic will have a red flashing signal and will still need to stop and wait until it is safe to proceed. All drivers should remain alert at this intersection.

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