Parks and Rec & City Team Members Honored

The City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department recently honored several city, team, and community members who have gone above and beyond to serve the residents of Round Rock. These exceptional team members have protected lives, won Regional and State Awards, served residents in times of need, created and contributed to award-winning City programs, exceeded expectations, and more! These team members were honored at the fourth annual RRTX All-American Team awards ceremony, hosted by the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, Rick Atkins, and featured guest speaker Michael Tinsley, World Championships and Olympic silver medalist in track and field.

Honorees Include: 
Johnnie Keith, Kenneth Wilkinson, Jaime Salas, Lee Gettys, Santos Velazquez, Marlin Weaver, Reese Ewing, Simon Montemayor, Victoria Salazar, Oscar Flores, David Robinson, Jeremy March, Spencer Foreman, Lakerian “Keon” Miller, Jennifer Wesson, Maya Grant, Pearson Mudhol, Bryson Vaughn, Steven Noeth, Stephen Dudley, Caden Camp, Ragan Barrow, Jake Decker, Valeska Almanza, Jessica Koehn, Ada Vasquez, Adlee Colegrove, Susan Moore, Kendall Fant, Angela Harris, Christopher Dailey, and Caileb Cruz.

Community Spirit Award Honorees Include: 
Pamela Cotton, Dominic DiGesualdo, Bobby Withrow, Kris Withrow, and Rodolfo Orelas.




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