Police make arrest in Capitol One Bank robbery

Suspect arrested during unrelated disturbance call at residence

Steve Oswaldo Martinez, 19, has been charged with committing the Sept. 2 robbery of the Capitol One Bank, 901 Louis Henna Blvd.

At approximately 2:15 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 6, officers responded to a disturbance call at 670 Louis Henna Blvd. Upon arrival, officers learned there had been an argument between a resident and invited guests. The resident, Steve Oswaldo Martinez of Round Rock, reportedly grabbed a knife and threatened a guest.

A struggle ensued between the two, and Martinez was ultimately restrained by others until police arrived. Martinez was transported to the hospital due to injuries sustained during the disturbance. Upon his discharge from the hospital, Martinez was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon resulting from the disturbance.

During the follow-up investigation, Martinez confessed to police that he had committed a bank robbery on Friday. Detectives on scene viewed a still image of Steve Martinez and compared it to still images of a man who robbed Capitol One Bank on Sept. 2. He was booked in the Williamson County Jail on both the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge and robbery charges.

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