Revised city population estimates released

The City of Round Rock produces monthly population estimates based on housing units, occupancy, and household size using the most recent decennial Census as a baseline. The decennial Census is a 100% count of all persons in the US produced for the purpose of informing political redistricting.

Upon release of the official April 1, 2020 Census population, the city recalculated its population estimates for April 2020-August 2021 using the 2020 Census figure as a baseline. The previous estimates for those dates had been based on the 2010 Census because the 2020 Census had not been released. Estimates for September 2021 and beyond are released monthly. For more information about the city’s population estimates visit the Demographic and Census Information page.

The revised population estimates are below. The first line is the 2020 Census count, the others are city-generated estimates of population within the city limits. Estimates reflecting newly completed single-family units are added monthly. Estimates reflecting newly completed multifamily units (indicated with an asterisk) are added quarterly in January, April, July, and October.

April 1, 2020 119,468 (Decennial Census)
May 2020119,559
June 2020119,670
July 2020*120,218
August 2020120,327
September 2020120,448
October 2020*121,980
November 2020122,061
December 2020122,145
January 2021*122,557
February 2021122,586
March 2021122,625
April 2021*122,827
May 2021122,898
June 2021122,930
July 2021*123,391
August 2021123,443
September 2021123,497




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