Round Rock annual water quality report now online

The City of Round Rock has released its annual Consumer Confidence Report, providing customers with detailed information about the quality of their drinking water during the previous calendar year.

The City’s water system was tested for up to 97 federally-regulated constituents, or minerals, as required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The results indicate that the city’s drinking water meets or exceeds all federal and state water quality standards.

The full report is available for public viewing at or via the link below.

Year-round water use standards in effect

The City’s recently updated Drought Contingency Plan includes new Year-Round Water Use Standards for lawn irrigation that apply when no drought restrictions are in place. This year-round standard allows for two days of outdoor water use by automatic irrigation system or hose end sprinkler per the schedule below. 

This encompasses all Round Rock water customers, which includes residents residing in Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) outside the City limits.

If your address ends in… Your watering days are…
0 or 3Monday and/or Thursday
1, 5 or 9 Wednesday and/or Saturday
2, 6 or 7 Tuesday and/or Friday 
4 or 8Sunday and/or Thursday

Watering is allowed before 10 a.m. or after 7 p.m. 

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