Round Rock ranked No. 1 minor league baseball town for second straight year

Sports Capital continues to live up to its name

best-minor-leagueBack-to-back! The Round Rock Express hit plenty of home runs during their 2016 campaign, but this off-season treat might just be enough for a few extra bases!

Financial technology company, SmartAsset, has determined the Best Minor League Baseball Towns of 2016, and — to no one’s surprise locally — the Sports Capital of Texas takes the number one spot for the second straight year.

While our hometown boys had more regular season losses than wins in 2016, fans filled the stands anyway. With an average attendance of 8,637 folks per game this year (1.5% higher than it was in 2015), it’s pretty clear that Roundrockians love them some baseball!

The write-up wasn’t all peanuts and cracker jacks though; the analysis took time to note other non-baseball reasons Round Rock held on to the top spot:

“Another reason why Round Rock takes the top spot in our ranking is the fact that it’s not a bad place to live. After paying for housing-related expenses – like property taxes and homeowners insurance – the average renter or homeowner ends up with $55,772 left over. So a typical Round Rock resident has more discretionary income than most of the people living in the other cities and towns in our analysis.”

So, next time you’re out on the town and you hear the faint whisper of John Fogerty’s 1985 classic, “Centerfield,” just remember: Here in Round Rock, we’re always “ready to play!”

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