Round Rock to implement route changes in advance of transit improvements

The City of Round Rock is preparing to implement changes to its existing transit system and offer new mobility options as a result of the recently completed Transit Development Plan

The plan started in summer 2021 and included a review of the existing system, public workshops, an online survey, and data and public input analysis.  

The service changes will include adjustments and reductions to existing fixed routes and introduction of a new “mobility-on-demand” public transit service option that can be requested through an app on your phone (expected in the coming months). This same-day rideshare option is expected to go live in the coming months to provide more flexibility to the City’s existing transit system. Individuals with disabilities will be able to request curb-to-curb service through the app, which will replace the traditional ADA paratransit service. 

Starting Jan. 9, 2023, the following transit changes are in effect (new schedules will be available in Dec. 2022): 

  • Route 152 to Tech Ridge will see increased frequency, with buses running every 45 to 60 minutes between 6:30 a.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Route 150 to Howard Station will be discontinued; connections to Howard Station can still be made from Tech Ridge after taking Route 152 to Tech Ridge. 
  • Route 50 to Austin Community College will no longer provide service to La Frontera due to the upcoming introduction of a mobility on demand service (expected to be implemented in the coming months). The route will be modified to travel down Mays Street to Dell Technologies and Walmart, and a stop will be added at Texas State. 
  • Route 51 East to Louis Henna and West to St. David’s will be discontinued and replaced by a mobility on demand service (expected to be implemented in the coming months). 
  • Route 980 to Downtown Austin will remain unchanged.
New Round Rock Fixed Route Map Effective Jan. 9, 2023 (click to enlarge)

These changes aim to provide equitable, effective and reliable service, while being efficient and fiscally responsible. It is also the intent of these changes to improve first- and last-mile access for all people, including individuals with disabilities, and provide same-day service. For more information, visit  




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