Traffic pattern change coming to A.W. Grimes Boulevard starting Dec. 8

The City will implement new left-turn traffic signal patterns on A.W. Grimes Boulevard beginning Tuesday, Dec. 8. The affected intersections are A.W. Grimes at Old Settlers Boulevard and A.W. Grimes at Gattis School Road.

The change is a result of an annual city-wide traffic signal operations evaluation conducted by the City’s Transportation Department. The goal is to assist traffic flow as the City grows and traffic patterns change and evolve. The evaluation allows staff to optimize signal timing for the corridors, which includes updating the existing traffic models, developing new models as necessary, developing timing sheets, implementing the new timing plans, and fine-tuning roadways.

A.W. Grimes Boulevard at Old Settlers Boulevard

The current pattern allows protected-permissive left turns with flashing yellow arrows. The flashing yellow arrows will be changed to protected left turns only at all four approaches. This means that left turns will only be allowed with a green arrow.

A.W. Grimes Boulevard at Gattis School Road

The current left turn treatment for eastbound and westbound approaches is protected only left turns as there are dual left-turn lanes on these approaches. The current northbound and southbound left-turn treatment is protected-permissive with flashing yellow arrows. The flashing yellow arrow will be removed, and all approaches will be protected left turns only.

Transportation staff will closely monitor traffic patterns and flow to make additional adjustments as necessary. 



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