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Fun fall reading for kids

With a hint of fall in the air, thoughts are turning to fall books.

We are working hard to make it easy to find our high-demand titles.

Do you want to share books about pumpkins, apples, acorns, leaves, and other autumn topics with your little ones? Check out the list of autumn books in our catalog.

Find fall books to share with your little ones with this list in our catalog.

Halloween books have a bright sticker on the spines. We are shelving them to a special display near the Children’s Reference Desk, but wow, they are turning over quickly.

Happily, the library has hundreds of other titles that didn’t earn the Halloween sticker, but are filled with Halloween-friendly characters such as monsters, ghosts, witches, and vampires–and also stories with mildly scary storylines.

We’ve pulled those titles into our Halloween-friendly list, so you’re sure to find a great book to take home even when the Halloween shelves are bare.

Halloween shelves empty? No worries–we have hundreds of books that are not Halloween specific, but are Halloween-friendly. Find the list in our catalog.
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