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I Read with My Ears

Written by: Teri J., Adult Services Librarian

Yes, you read that correctly! I read with my ears. As a librarian, I never have enough time to read everything I need and/or want. I must make every minute count, and that is where audiobooks come into play. I did not think I would be a fan of them until I was required to listen to some for one of my college classes. It was then that I realized I could get through almost a whole novel every week just during my commute to and from work! I quickly became a fan. 

With my Round Rock Public Library card, I have access to audiobooks through Playaway, Libby, and Hoopla, and, believe me, I utilize all of them! Audiobooks are perfect for multi-tasking. You will find me listening to books while I’m in the car, out walking my dogs, shopping for groceries, and even during my lunch break. These little pockets of time might not seem like a lot, but they quickly add up allowing me to finish books I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.  

In case you’re wondering if listening is “cheating,” research shows that “stories stimulate the brain in the same way, regardless of whether they’re read or heard.”  

If you find yourself struggling for reading time, then please join me in the wonderful world of audiobooks. Reading with your ears IS reading! 

Playaway: These are lightweight portable devices that run on a single AAA battery. The audiobook is pre-loaded on the device, so you don’ t have to worry about being connected to WiFi or downloading it to your device. You either plug headphones into the audio jack to listen to the book or you can use an auxiliary cable to connect it to a portable speaker or even your car stereo. We have a large selection for children, teens, and adults!   

*My favorite Playaway: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah 

Libby We have over 4K e-audiobooks available through Libby. RRPL cardholders can check out up to 5 items at a time. The checkout period is exactly 14 days for each item. (If you check it out at 2:17pm on December 1st, then it will be removed from your device at 2:17pm on December 15th.) One of my favorite features is the sleep timer! Just like the sleep timer on your TV, you can set the timer so the book will turn off automatically.  

*My favorite e-audiobook: Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros 

Hoopla: This is one of our newer services, and it is extremely popular. You may have to wait a day or two before you can borrow a title, but it is well worth the wait. The checkout period for audiobooks is exactly 21 days. The great thing about Hoopla is if it is in the catalog then you can check it out, even if someone else is listening to it!  

*My favorite audiobook: all seven Harry Potter audiobooks! 

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