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Host a Solar Eclipse Party!

Whether you stay in Round Rock or head closer to the center line of the eclipse, you’ll want to have lots of fun during the April 8 total eclipse. Our friends at NASA have put together an amazing guide to the April 8 eclipse.

Here’s our take on the perfect eclipse party.

Location, location, location


If you live in Round Rock and you have an unobstructed view of the sky, then your party might be perfect right at home!

NOTE: If you’re not in Round Rock, check to see if your location is within the narrow path of the total eclipse. Also, Round Rock is near the eastern edge of the path–if you want a longer experience of totality, you might choose to travel slightly north or west, towards the center of the path.


Round Rock is in the path of totality, so anywhere in Round Rock will work. For us, the eclipse will occur midday, when the sun is almost directly overhead.

Think about where you’ll enjoy the day, then check that you have an unobstructed view of the sky.

If you suspect trees or large buildings that might block your view, you can check your view by stepping outside around 1:30 p.m. any day between now and April 8. Note the position of the sun–without looking directly at it, of course, unless you are wearing your solar safety glasses.

If no trees, buildings, or other objects rising up from the ground block the view of the sun, then you’ve found a great place to view the eclipse.


An eclipse unfolds over several hours. If you are not viewing the eclipse near a home, plan ahead for your safety and comfort.

Traffic may be heavy the day of the eclipse, so try to get to your viewing location early, and plan to be there for the duration of the eclipse. Allow time for heavy traffic if you will be driving after the eclipse.

Here are ways you can make your eclipse day safe and enjoyable:

  • Bring solar safety glasses and/or supplies for other safe viewing strategies. Because the eclipse is directly overhead, you may find it more comfortable to use the solar safety glasses for occasional views, and to give your neck a break by using projection strategies to see the eclipse without looking up. You may also want the Round Rock-specific timeline.
  • Look up the location of the nearest restrooms. Expect a big crowd and limited access to restrooms. Plan your day accordingly.
  • Bring protection for being outside. On any day, the sun is at its most intense midday. Since you’ll be outside during for a long time, plan to protect your skin and eyes with sunscreen, hats, and regular sunglasses. NOTE: Regular sunglasses cannot be used to look directly at the sun. If bugs are an issue at your chosen location, pack some bug spray and ointment.
  • Stay hydrated and fed. You’ll be outside several hours, and possibly in traffic afterwards. Bring enough snacks and drinks so everyone can enjoy a big day out.
  • Find ways to pass the time. Eclipses are magnificent but also slow. We recommend hanging out with your favorite people, and also having books, games, and music at hand. Very young children may want additional activities such as bubbles, balls, and art. If you are using electronic devices, be sure the batteries are ready for a long day.
  • Plan for comfort. Bring chairs or blankets for sitting and lounging, and umbrellas or other structures to create some shade.
  • Plan for crowds. Texas is expected to have one of the best views of the eclipse. Eclipse tourists from around the world are expected in our area. Adjust your schedule to minimize any extra errands that day. Top up your car’s gas tank, get your groceries, and take care of other personal business in the days before the eclipse to minimize your wait time and frustration on April 8.

Fun, fun, fun!


Decorate your party with free downloads of the official NASA 2024 Eclipse posters (here’s the third one).

Use a disco ball to project fun, beautiful images of the sun all around your space. Take photos of the eclipse in your own shadow, or on your clothes. See how RRPL used two disco balls during the October 2023 eclipse.

And of course, listen to eclipse-themed music. Use your library card to access our eclipse playlist through Freegal, the library’s free music streaming service.


Brainstorm eclipse-themed food to munch during your party. We recommend moon pies and SunChips!

Or whip up a batch of these solar eclipse cupcakes.


Be present and notice everything.

First and foremost, don’t miss the chance to just be still and enjoy the changes all around you.

  • Dappled shadows under trees and bushes will change to crescent shapes.
  • The color of sunlight will take on red tones.
  • In the minutes before totality, if you are in an elevated area, you may see the moon’s shadow racing toward your location.
  • You may notice changes in the behavior of birds and animals.
  • During totality, remove your safety glasses and have a rare look at the sun’s corona, and see the stars and planets during the day.

Take in this rare moment. Enjoy the people around you who are sharing it with you.

Here is more information about what you can expect. And scroll through this page to see a time-lapse video taken during the 2017 total eclipse to see what we’ll experience April 8.

Pass the time with other activities.

One of the official NASA Eclipse posters is available as a coloring sheet–download it, print it, and zen out with your crayons.

Eclipse chalk art is always fun.

Create a suncatcher using crayons.

Check out NASA’s collection of activities, games, Citizen Science projects, and kid-friendly resources.

NASA also has crafts and recipes for hosting a Sun Party. Here’s a craft for kids to add an extra safety shield to their solar viewing glasses, so they don’t accidentally peek around the edge of the glasses.

Ready to geek out on eclipse trivia? NASA has answers!

And of course, read up on Great American Eclipses of the past.

Soak it all up–we won’t have another eclipse over North America until 2044.


Texas has the best odds for sunny skies along the eclipse path, but we can’t predict clear skies on April 8.

If the day is overcast, continue to check outside in case we get a well-timed break in the clouds. That happened during the 1878 eclipse.

Also, the eerie daytime darkness associated with eclipses is still noticeable with cloud cover.

But be ready to pull up an eclipse livestream. There are several available–check out this collection from The Exploratorium.

The fun stuff — include the disco ball, music, fun stuff, snacks

Are you ready for a stunning total solar eclipse?

RRPL shares eclipse safety glasses beginning mid-March

Eclipse programs at RRPL

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