City Council approves more than $6.5 million in street maintenance

Round Rock City Council approved a street maintenance contract at its April 27 meeting that will improve the state of several arterial roads throughout the City.

The contract with Cutler Repaving, Inc. will provide for repairs to portions of Greenlawn Boulevard, Double Creek Drive, Sam Bass Road, Cypress Boulevard, McNeil Road, Sundance Parkway, La Frontera Boulevard, Parker Drive and Short Trail.

The City manages more than 1,150 lane miles of roadways within its jurisdiction. The Transportation Department’s street maintenance program aims to preserve and improve the conditions of existing roadways by monitoring the state of its roadways and systematically repairing or repaving the top layers of City streets as needed. Council also recently approved a neighborhood street maintenance project in the Downtown neighborhood.

The total of the street maintenance contract is $6,543,342.99 and will be paid for through the City’s Type B sales tax revenues.

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