Firefighters rescue two in high water in Coupland

At approximately 4:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 6, the Fire Department’s Technical Rescue Team was dispatched to Coupland to assist with water rescues and flood assessments.

At approximately 6:30 a.m. a motorist was driving to work on County Road 450 and drove into a section of roadway covered with water. The car was pushed off the road by rising water. Another motorist saw the vehicle that had been washed off the roadway and stopped before entering the water. In the few minutes while waiting on rescuers to arrive, water rose behind the second motorist’s vehicle, stranding her and her car between two flooded areas. Our firefighters were able to rescue both motorists. The water was 5 feet deep in some areas.

We want to remind you to Turn Around, Don’t Drown. Water rises quickly and it doesn’t take a lot of water to wash you off the road or to drown out your car and leave you stranded in the water.

scene of water rescue in Coupland
You can see the first car impacted by rising waters near the bottom of this photo, just above and to the left of the firefighter in the ballcap. The second car, which was caught between rising flood waters, is just to the right of the headlights in the middle of the photo.




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