Parks and Rec “Pop Up Play Day” team wins Innovations Award and receives the Rock Award

The program united neighborhoods and promoted nutrition and play as a means of exercise

Pictured from left to right: Emsud Horozovic, Roger Heaney, Michael Chau, Dawn Moonan, Rachel Morris, Katie Baker, Jenene Jefferies, Mary Hemenes, Mayor Morgan and Preston Kessinger

Parks and Rec “Pop Up Play Day” team was awarded the Innovations Award and received the Rock Award from Mayor Morgan during a recent City Council meeting.

The Innovations Award is a long-standing recognition program within the City of Round Rock that is given to a project or idea within the City that must meet at least one of the following criteria:

– Saves time
– Improves services to customers
– Saves money
– Improves moral
– Improves performance
– Improves safety
– Improves the community

The “Pop Up Play Day” program leveraged partnerships with a variety of organizations and City departments to give families across the City the chance to visit their local park, participate in fun activities, learn healthy and active living skills, and engage with their neighbors and public servants.

Partners for these events included: Galaxy Soccer Club, Nuclear Athletes, Ball Hard, tennis pro Jack Alsup, and Round Rock Fit, who all provided clinics and classes. Round Rock Police Department provided emergency and safety tips, Round Rock Fire provided fire safety tips and Neighborhood Services provided information about their initiatives to serve the Round Rock community.

The PARD “Pop Up Play Day” Team, which consisted of Katie Baker, Emsud Horozovic, Roger Heaney, Michael Chau, Rachel Morris, Jenene Jefferies, Dawn Moonan, and Mary Hemenes, organized four events this year, and each event received rave reviews from neighbors, sponsors, and partners. This program has united neighborhoods, fostered relationships between City departments and residents, and promoted nutrition and play as a means of exercise.

For more information about the ongoing  “Pop Up Play Day” program, go to

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