Neighborhood Services

Since its inception in 2012, Neighborhood Services has developed programs and services for active and engaged neighborhoods to revitalize themselves using community resources. 

Neighborhood Services is designed to accomplish the following goals:

    • Maintain property values
    • Increase code compliance
    • Create a sense of community
    • Increase the feeling of safety
    • Foster resident pride in their neighborhood
    • Encourage property upkeep and maintenance
    • Ensure smooth transitions between incoming and outgoing neighborhood leaders


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Katy Price




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These programs have been recognized with awards from national organizations such as Neighborhoods USA for their Best Neighborhood Programs award (2015) and the Texas Municipal League for City Spirit (2017).

Accepting the Neighborhoods USA Award for Best Neighborhood Program: Physical Revitalization is Community Development Administrator Joe Brehm and NUSA President Tige Watts Accepting the Municipal Excellence Award are, from left, Utilities Director Michael Thane, Councilmember Tammy Young, Jeff Johnson from the Austin Bridge Builders Alliance, Community Development Administrator Joe Brehm, General Services Director Chad McDowell and City Manager Laurie Hadley